Commemorating the Great War

In 2014-2018, Cegesoma will participate in a variety of projects related to WWI: books, exhibitions, conferences… One of our focal points is an international conference in 2015 on the impact of the Great War on the development of the European nation state.

Magistrates during WWI

Scholarly research on WWI will remain a priority during the coming years. Researcher Mélanie Bost recently defended her PhD thesis on the difficult position of the Belgian judicial magistrates during the German occupation of 1914-18.

Conference on Jews and resistance

This year is the 70th anniversary of a spectacular resistance action near the Flemish town of Boortmeerbeek, against the 20th Jewish transport of death from Malines to Auschwitz. To commemorate this event, Cegesoma and Kazerne Dossin will co-organize a conference on 20 November 2013 on the topic of Jews and resistance.

Bulletin Board

Because of recent budget cuts, we are forced to temporarily limit the transport of documents from our second depot at Rue Belgrade.

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The archives of MRAX: racism in post-war Belgium

Cegesoma finished the transfer of the recently acquired archives of MRAX (Mouvement contre le Racisme, l’Antisémitisme et la Xénophobie). This impressive collection opens up many new avenues of research.