Conference by Jolande Withuis

On Wednesday 10 December 2014, sociologist Jolande Withuis (NIOD Amsterdam) will introduce us to a lesser known aspect of the life of Juliana, former Crown Princess of the Netherlands, during the Second World War. The conference will be commented upon by Professor Gustaaf Janssens, former archivist of the Royal Palace.

Historikerdialog 2015 : a Promising Programme

The number of conferences scheduled for Historikerdialog is higher every year : indeed, eight conferences are programmed for 2015. A greater number of sessions not only allows to diversify the topics and to tackle lesser-known themes, but also to invite an increasing number of experts.

CegeSoma's Financial Future

Are you, like us, concerned about the future of CegeSoma? You can help us by signing the petition initiated by professors Bruno De Wever (UGent) and Laurence van Ypersele (UCL). We wish to thank all those who have already added their name to this cause, and also those who left encouraging comments!


If you wish to know about the different activities carried out by members of CegeSoma, you can always refer to our agenda on the website.

An important German archive fund is to become accessible!

The University of Antwerp and CegeSoma have reached an agreement in principle regarding an important archive fund. The project aims at digitizing and making available online a large part of the German archives related to the Belgian administration. These archives, which also include those of Northern France, were created by Nazi Germany.