‘On the eve…’: conference cycle on the year 1913 and the start of a wave of commemorations

This autumn we propose three conferences. Antoine Prost will give an introductory lecture on the commemorations of the Great War on the eve of the real ‘kick-off’. Bruno Yammine will present an overview of the Flemish movement anno 1913 and Peter Scholliers will talk about food and nationalism in the Belle Epoque.

Jews and Resistance: ten experts will have the floor in Kazerne Dossin

In our previous Newsletter, we announced the study day on Jews and resistance (20 November 2013). The full programme is now available. In ten original contributions experts will tackle a variety of aspects of the Jewish participation in the resistance during the Second World War.

Historikerdialog on war and comic strips

On 16 October 2013 the University of Liège (ULg) will organize the next Historikerdialog; a series of public debates between German and Belgian historians with regard to WWI. Prof. Susanne Brandt from Düsseldorf will talk about the war in comic strips; prof. Philippe Raxhon and dr. Christophe Bechet (both ULg) will give their comments.

In defence of the resistance: the Frédéric Eyckhoff archives

It remains a remarkable feat: lawyer Frédéric Eyckhoff took on the legal defence of more than 2500 members of the resistance during WWII. Since recently, his archives are conserved and managed by Cegesoma.

New and rich double-sized issue of the JBH

The latest issue of the Journal of Belgian History is a 370 page long double-sized issue. This rich issue contains six scholarly articles, over 20 literature reviews, an overview of new PhD research and a debate section on historic museums in Belgium.