LECTURE – Judiciary, resistance an violence in Brussels 1940-1944

On Friday the 24th of March, historian Jan Julia Zurné (CegeSoma/State Archives) will discuss the attitude of Belgian magistrates during the Second World War. How did they react when the occupying forces demanded their collaboration in the repression of the resistance? And what were the consequences for the magistrates themselves and for the resistance groups? Info and registration : isabelle.delvaux@cegesoma.be

COMING SOON - a Clear and Accessible Guide on the Sources of the Post-War Purges

Archives providing information on the post-war purges (the so-called ‘repression’) and its aftermath are not always very accessible to a layperson. On 18 May, a guide will be presented to the press, giving an overview of the archives that allow to reconstruct the individual trajectory of those who were confronted with the purges. The guide is an initiative of Ghent University, the ULB, the State Archives and CegeSoma and explains in a clear language how the different sources can be used.

ACQUISITION – Archives of Resistance Movement “De Witte Brigade”

CegeSoma has recently acquired the archives of the Witte Brigade, the only resistance movement of a national dimension founded in Flanders during the Second World War. The already inventoried collection of some twenty linear meter offers an invaluable testimony of the resistance in occupied Belgium and its position in post-war society.

NEW RESEARCH - Murders during the liberation and the Belgian judiciary: the case of Brussels (1944-1945)

At the beginning of 2017, historian Jan Julia Zurné started her new research project at the CegeSoma. The project centres around the question of how the Belgian judiciary dealt with violence committed by resistance groups against (alleged) collaborators during and after the liberation. The research aims to shed more light on the ways in which the judiciary attempted to maintain or restore public order in a time when resistance groups seemed to have of more legitimacy than the police and legal system.