On 6 and 7 June 2019, the State Archives in Leuven will host the annual international archival conference organized by the State Archives in Belgium and the Landschaftsverband Rheinland, with as a central theme Archives and Scholarly Research (Archive und wissenschaftliche Forschung).


Are you a scholar, a student or simply interested in the topic of the looting of art and heritage by the Nazi’s in Europe during WWII ? You are invited to the workshop organized by CegeSoma and Amsab-ISH in Brussels on 14 June 2019.


Do you want to stay posted on the latest developments of historical research about the Holocaust and its societal impact ? The closing conference of the second phase of EHRI (European Holocaust Research Infrastructure) takes place on 3 July 2019 in Amsterdam.


‘War. Occupation. Liberation. Belgium 1940-1945.’ Discover the richly illustrated public history-book that delves further into the new permanent WWII-exhibition in the War Heritage Institute.


The manual of the ‘Ugescrowd’-platform is now available. Help us to improve in a playful way the descriptions of the photographic collections of CegeSoma.


Have a look at the activities of CegeSoma in June 2019.