Read the report of two conferences for local historians from the north and south of the country about the topic of ‘liberation’ and discover the presentations.


CegeSoma and AMSAB-ISG organized a workshop on 14 June about the plundering of library collections in Belgium by the Nazis during the Second World War. Patricia Kennedy Grimsted (Harvard University) and Michel Vermote (AMSAB-ISG) presented their most recent findings (cfr. interview).


There are about 15 blogposts to (re-)discover on ‘Belgium WW II’. Topics include war memories, historical research, the danger of ahistorical interpretations of the Battle of the Bulge and how to integrate delicate historical themes in exhibitions….


The new issue of the Journal of Belgian History has been published (2019/1). It contains articles on the ‘Council of Flanders’ (1914-1918), the National Socialist politics of marriage, military production during the period of Belgian neutrality and the diplomatic relations with the Zaire of president Mobutu.


Participate in a conference on 3 October in the framework of the project ‘Transmemo’ on family memories about resistance and collaboration during the Second World War in Belgium.


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