Five new job advertisements, two of which are about research projects soon to be launched at CegeSoma.


Your opinion counts! Two months after the launch of the new website of CegeSoma, we would like to hear your opinion to help us improve it…


Welcome in CegeSoma on 23 March 2020 from 12.30 pm to 14.00 pm for a ‘Public History Meetings’ in the form of a conference-debate (in French) about ‘Commemorating the Rwandan genocide of 1994: A retrospection on the emergence of a culture of public commemoration in Rwanda’ with Florence Rasmont and Ornella Rovetta.


A new research project was launched at CegeSoma, titled ‘People @ War. A social history of the Second World War and its Remembrance in Belgium’, in order to study the manner in which "ordinary people" experienced the Second World War and its aftermath.


Discover or re-discover the archives of Radio Bruxelles - Zender Brussel 1940-1945 now available in digital format in the reading room of CegeSoma. They contain both radio program recordings broadcast by the occupying forces from the premises of the ‘National Institute of Radio Broadcasting’ (INR) during the Second World War as well as transcripts and other preparatory files of these same programs.


Report about the official launch of the ‘preparatory phase funding’ for EHRI (European Holocaust Research Infrastructure) that took place in Munich from 11 to 13 February 2020.