Our Bulletin 2014 has been Published

The Bulletin reports on our activities from September 2013 to October 2014 and announces the initiatives planned for 2015.

Symposium The Great War From Below: New Sources for Social History

On 3 March, a symposium on new sources for the social history of the First World War in Belgium will take place in the State Archives in Brussels.

State, Film and Propaganda during the Second World War

On 11 February, Bénédicte Rochet will talk about the chaotic history of the Belgian propaganda during the Second World War.

Flamenpolitik and War Crimes Focal Points of the next Historikerdialoge

On 26 January, Lode Wils and Gerhard Hirschfeld will debate on the subject of the Flemish movement and the Flamenpolitik at Ghent university. On 12 March, another Historikerdialog will take place at the ULB about the Leipzig trials on WWI German war crimes.

The Nazi Concentration Camp System in our Collections

Our collections hold a lot of precious information on the history and memory of the Nazi concentration and extermination camps. Find out more here.

A New English-language Issue of the Journal of Belgian History

The fourth issue of the JBH of 2014 will as usual be entirely in English. Our goal is to give more international visibility to Belgian contemporary history.

Circulate the Petition to Help CegeSoma !

We hope to collect 5000 signatures before presenting the petition to Mrs. Elke Sleurs during her visit of CegeSoma in February. Spread the word!